Friday, January 05, 2007

Internet Marketing vs Home Business

On the Internet some people are making most of the money.

YouTube was bought for 1.65 billion by Google.

Skype was bought for 2.6 billion by eBay.

MySpace was bought for almost 600 million by News Corp.

As users to these sites, did we receive any compensation?

That is about to change. AGLOCO™ is a new site that pays you to surf the Internet. Nothing more than what you do today. It’s free to join.

What is AGLOCO™ all about?
AGLOCO™ is the first Internet based economic network, which enables you as a Member to ‘Get your share of the internet.’ Advertisers, search companies, online merchants and other businesses currently pay lots of companies to deliver people like you to them to get your attention and sell goods. With AGLOCO™ they will be paying YOU.

AGLOCO™ is also a global community of Internet users whose active Members can be paid for all their online activity. By downloading our proprietary Viewbar™ technology, members benefit from engaging yet unobtrusive content tailored to their interests.

AGLOCO™ also pays its members to refer their friends to the community (and for those friends to refer more friends through four levels of extended referrals.)

Where are we today? Online advertising, after stalling in 2001-02, is bigger than ever (Google, of course, has changed everything). Targeted search and contextual text ads – almost non-existent in 1999 – are now everywhere. Companies – Google and Yahoo, for example – are trying to convince users to download "toolbars" (sound familiar?) to gather more information from their members. All this information – and the companies that gather it – is worth more than ever. Yet the individual users still do not have an effective way to get their share back.

We decided we wanted to build the economic network that enables individuals on the Web to share in the profits that their data and their actions help create. AGLOCO™ is more than a Web site and it is more than a Viewbar company. It is a network that links people, their information and their friends together to form something bigger.

As AGLOCO™ grows, the economic incentive continues to grow as it is able to offer more and more value for its members. AGLOCO™ generates positive free cash flow from each additional member-hour and has virtually no incremental cash expenses for additional use of the Viewbar. AGLOCO™ will have standard operating costs (site maintenance, bandwidth, insurance, telephones, office space, sales and administration etc.), but like Google these costs should be very low compared to the revenue Members generate.

The Members Own the Company. That's right – 100% of the company is member-owned. Users make good ideas valuable. Good ideas are great, but without members, they are just that – ideas. Every decision is made by asking what is best for the members over the long-term. It's a new way of thinking, but it works because we are all in it together.

No cost to a Member – Ever. AGLOCO™ never costs anything for Members. Ask former members what it cost them to join and most will try to remember how much they were receiving in monthly checks (that's right – receiving).

Get Involved. Pitch in. Tell your friends and build your referral network. Design a Web site explaining the economic network (you can probably do it better than us). Tell your company they should partner with us. Write about us on your blog. Ask yourself how you want to share in the value of the Internet. Think big. It's your company. Have fun.

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This is an excellent way to jump start your home based business, add an additional line of revenue into your Internet Marketing portfolio, expand your online revenues, all while generating a passive income.

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Wealth Wagon Marketing LLC has developed an exciting program for anyone to start their very own home based business. This is not what people refer to as a "GET RICH QUICK SCHEME", this is a business opportunity. There are millions of people in this world of 6 billion plus people that want to gain control over their lives. From what time to wake up to how many hours you spend with your family.

WWM LLC has combined Network Marketing and "BEAT EM DOWN ATHLETICS", a clothing line related to the ever growing sport of mix martial arts or aka "MMA" or any other contact sport. Organizations like the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, and K-1 fighting have brought this very competitive and entertaining sport to the forefront of contact sports. The fan base is growing everyday. This sport has been compared to the battles of David and Goliath.

WWM LLC has compiled the growing popularity of MMA and Network Marketing to announce a fantastic new home based business opportunity that will begin in 2007 @ Everyone that has a desire to work for them selves, gain the freedom of life, and owns a computer should get involved.

Frank Frye and Cliff Nees both originally from the suburbs' of Philadelphia with over 20 combined years of sales and management experience are the founders and operators of both WWM LLC. and Beat Em Down Athletics clothing. Cliff and Frank both admit that their program, no matter how easy it is to follow, requires work. "WWM's member's success is measured by the individual business owner's efforts".

The bottom line is that everyone wants to make a change in 2007. Why not gain control over your life with a new career working for yourself? Spend more time with family and friends! Do what you want on your terms! Gain the freedom we all only get one shot at! The freedom of life!!


Toyota: Camry Hybrid

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Every Camry is engineered to change not just the way you feel about cars, but the way you feel, internally.
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Unprecedented Growth

It took Microsoft 10 years to get to just half of TNI’s 5 year sales.
It took IBM 30 years to reach what TNI did in three years.
Pepsi took 34 years to reach ½ of TNI’s 2nd year sales.
After 40 years Coca-Cola had not achieved what TNI did in five years.
And there are many more. None can be compared to the unprecedented Growth of my company TNI in just 10 years, except for three companies, which are Google, FedEX and Intel. Need more prove?


What Do You Sell?

Would your life be a little different if you had known about Coca-Cola or Starbucks before anyone else? This is your chance, to tell the story of a product (that works) and a Business that pays you for just telling your story. Like many would say, “Facts tell while Stories sell”. The ball is in your court, be the first to tell the story of Tahitian Noni International in you neighbourhood, community, country and watch how much TNI would compensate you.

Also remember this sayings “if you sell the Product, you’ll get many customers
“if you sell the Vision, you’ll get Builders
“if you sell the Opportunity, you’ll get Leaders

Notice, we all need Leaders in this business to lead the Builders to build our Customers. So, it depends on what you sell.

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Have You Heard The Buzz?

In the late 20th century, a word was always used in professional speeches while referring to the TRENDS available. This word was "Network". Many considered it a common word till the Internet came to play in the penultimate days of that era. Having understood the meaning of the word NETWORK, many are still unable to blend it to the TRENDS we have at our disposal. While many are still in oblivion, few have really gone in-depth to suit themselves with the word NETWORK.
The word NETWORK simply means a closely connected group of people that exchange information. And we know that information is what drives the 21st century Business man (millionaire). Notice the watch words in the definition,
Closely connected, (they must have something in common – great positive thinking)
Group of people, (people is what is needed not a person)
Information (things that pertains to LIFE and GODLINESS)
So, considering the definition above, let us apply it to the 21st century BUZZ WORD called ACCESS MARKETING – which is literally an access to a market. With TNI, one can confidently say that he or she is into the 21st century Business called ACCESS MARKETING. Because he or she gets the free flow access to any information of any Business skills that can create wealth with the two trends available.
Want to be part of it? Click here to sign up

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Young Entrepreneur Facts

Are you a young entrepreneur? Trying to run a business while you're in school isn't easy. This monthly series sponsored by the iVEN Innovative Entrepreneurs Network addresses the specific needs of all young small-business owners. Whether you're already up and running, or looking forward to a career as a small-business owner, this section of TNI is just for you!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Be A Millonaire in 4yrs


Do you know the #1 most common characteristic nearly all millionaires share? If you said, "Owning their own businesses" - you're absolutely right. Nearly every millionaire today owns their own business. Coincidence? I don't think so. Why should you then waste your talents and skills as someone else's employee...while you help make them rich? Let's face it: You're either building your dream, or your building someone else's.
Isn't it time you started your own business? It's easier than you think. And I'll prove it to you. Maybe you're thinking: "But, I don't have the skills, huge capital or education to make good money from my home." Don't worry. Successful users of our program come from all works of life: college graduates, factory workers, stay-at-home moms, retired couples. All you need to succeed is the right attitude. We provide all the training materials. In fact, it's probably better that you come in with an open mind, willing to learn.
We have spent the last ten years devising a low risk, high return system that anybody - and I mean anybody – can have success with. Now maybe you're worried about losing the benefits of full-time employment, such as health insurance or a retirement package. Don't worry - we don't expect anyone to quit their current jobs -- at least not right away. This business model is so perfect that you can work part-time on you fortune and earn twice as much as working full-time on your job (The Magic of Part-Time).
But with the income you'll be generating from using our program, you'll be able to pay for your own insurance, invest in your own retirement fund, and even pay for a college education for your children or grandchildren. No more employer-selected coverage that never meets the needs of a family. You'll have the power to make those choices for yourself.
More freedom: Spend time with your family and children. You can go on vacation when you want. You'll never have to request time off in advance or settle for a measly 2-week vacation every year.
More money: Even with annual raises, no employee ever became a millionaire. You make more with your own business and you decide how to spend it.
Empowerment: You set your schedule, you choose your salary, you work where, with whom and when you want without punching a time clock or working under the watchful eyes of a supervisor or boss.
Less stress: No deadlines (except the self-imposed variety), no boss, no co-workers, no cubicles, no stress.
Sounds great, right?
Here's what to do now...

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Network Marketing

From my last post, which do you think is more or less good enough to give you the 3 necessities of life? Although the Internet is more lucrative, the Network Market is more effective. If you would ask me which is better to a common man, I would recommend Network Marketing, this is because it has no barriers, you are your own boss and you can determine when you want to work, where you want to work, with whom you want to work with. The learned and the unlearned have no excuse whatsoever to neglect this opportunity.

Something struck me while reading my Bible, about the little boy and his five loaves and two fishes. There was no way that snacks could satisfy an adult let alone five thousand of them. But through Network Marketing, Jesus was able to distribute it to them and everyone had a fill.

Whatever you do, distribute your resources through a Network Marketing Channel for many are reached rather than when one tries to do it all by himself. That’s why I love my company
TNI and their unique product. No wonder “everyone everywhere needs Tahitian Noni”. “Here Take, do and prosper”


Register with TNI

To show you that a lot of transperency runs between me and my company, I am giving you a chance to te able to join this train as it passes your local train station, because it goes to Financial Freedom. Or would you like to sit down at the station and wonder what just pass by? Remember, Money doesn't give you wealth and the acquicition of Business Skill which we are giving out for free.
Click Here for the
Follow the procedure, my number is 2393007


Why Join TNI

Here are 4 GREAT reasons why you should join our group: 1. One of the largest and fastest growing groups in the company! 2. We have the best upline support, marketing tools and personal Internet training, including your own Noni website upon joining. 3. This site will list contact information of several Noni Product Consultants in each state for local contact, including International countries as well. 4. Weekly training calls to help jump start your TAHITIAN NONI® business.
If you want any tool, there are alot you can purchase through my site. Remember, its all about you


The Ultimate Challenge


When the Grifffin Consult rated my company Tahitian Noni International as the 4th fastest growing company, I thought it was a joke. Notwithsatnding, my Company TNI has now thrown a challenge that "If you can find any other network marketing company that can exceed our 10-year achievements, we'll pay you $100,000!"- Kelly Olsen, President, Tahitian Noni International View Kelly Olsen's $100,000 Challenge Movie We are so confident in our track record, we'll pay you $100,000 (N 13, 000 000.00)if you can find a network marketing company that, within its first 10 years, exceeds the accomplishments of Tahitian Noni International in these five key areas:

1. Revenue, Payout & Incentives
Reached cumulative sales milestones faster than any other network marketing company: $500 million, $1 billion, $2 billion, $3.5 billion Reached cumulative cash payout milestones faster than any other network marketing company: $250 million, $500 million, $1 billion, $1.5 billion Hosted an historic number of incentive trips, promotions, & extra bonus programs
2. Corporate Strength
Built, owns, manages, and maintains more dedicated facilities than any other network marketing company Established more product brand recognition than any other network marketing company in history Maintains active membership in the Direct Selling Association and serves on the World Federation Direct Selling Association CEO Council
3. Product
Is responsible for a completely new product category within the health products industry: Healthy Exotic Juices Saw noni become the first of a new designation called "Power Fruit" Developed and maintains the only noni harvesting certification system in the world Sold more bottles of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice than any other company sold any other liquid dietary supplement or exotic super-fruit beverage product
4. Research & Process
Holds 40 U.S. patents and patents pending, with 66 international patent registrations pending Controls the harvesting, transporting, processing, and manufacturing process from tree to bottle Owns and maintains the largest noni-dedicated research facility in the world Owns and operates the largest noni-dedicated processing facility in the world
5. Corporate Citizenship
Forged a very unique relationship with the government and people of French Polynesia Created a new industry that has had sweeping economic benefits for an entire country Set a new standard for partnerships between business, government, and people Became the only network marketing company to be officially honored by an entire country and an international organization.

Challenge expires December 31, 2006.
Submit challenges to:Scott Baird,
c/o Griffin Hill Consulting801-225-2350

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The Two Trend of The 21st Century

When God drove man out of the Garden of Eden, He placed man into a situation to be able to determine the future by following a basic trend. Although, Adam and his wife had one thing in mind (food and clothing) which were the trend of their time. Do you believe that if Versace, Gucci and the rest designers were there, they would have made a lot because, the population of people were increasing and more demanded clothing. We also saw that between the 40’s and the 60’s, the world experienced an increase in birth which everyone called “Baby Boomers”. They created the trend that ushered us into the 21st century. Notwithstanding, this trend was able to produce 100 dollar millionaire in 200 years. Now the question is what the 21st century trend is. We found out that there are two men who stand at the top of the world richest men. They are Bill Gates ($50Billion)(Internet) Warren Buffet ($44Billion)(Network Marketing). Since they are recognised to possess this position, one could veritably say that this two possess the trend of the 21st century. Bill Gates once said that this two trend will produce a 100 dollar millionaire in 10yrs. Now, you may wonder if this is true. I’d rather be caught trying than to allow this pass me by. You could be one of this 100 or just be among them that would do the scoring.


My Choice

I choose not to be a common man, it is my right to be uncommon if I can. I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk, to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I refuse to live from hand to mouth. I prefer the challenges of life to a guaranteed existence, the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficience, nor dignity for a handout. I will not cower before any master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to think and to act for myself, to enjoy the benefits of my creations, to stand erect and face the world boldly and say: “THIS I HAVE DONE”.

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Welcome To TNI-where you make money

I've heard lots of stories about people whose lives have truly been changed by following the basic trend of their time. While thier lives is been changed, some still remain the same because they simply Pass Over Opportunity Repeatedly (POOR) Financial Freedom, the leader in the field, can give you the facts you need to make a smart decision about whether a trend is right for you."For those of us that would retire soon, this opportunity provides a safe way to tap into LIFE (Living In Financial Equity) so that you can be able to pay for what you want or need—rather than what you can afford. Be among the thousands that would succeed in this important financial trend. In fact, more people have chosen Financial Freedom than any other thing, making us the nation’s motivator.I have designed this website to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about what’s right for you. If you have further questions, mail me on or call +2348026755943.


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